Vote Health

Voting to improve the health of Victoria shouldn’t be complicated, but it is. We've surveyed political candidates to bring their opinions on the issues that they might vote on which will affect health in our state. Our aim is to bring you relevant information to inform your vote in the electorates of Richmond, Brunswick and Albert Park to help you vote for candidates that will benefit community health.


Park Off! For a safer Sydney Road

We're working towards a healthier Sydney Road to live, work and play on. By removing on-street parking from Sydney Road, active transport such as walking and cycling will become safer and more accessible, promoting healthy lifestyles for residents and the community and increasing usage and attendance of the Sydney Road area.



Open submissions

We encourage contributions from young people to open submissions by state and local government, and list them here so you can get engaged.  


City of Melbourne Transport Strategy

City of Melbourne is refreshing its Transport Strategy to set ambitious targets for improved outcomes to 2050 and invites you to join the conversation. Action for Health is advocating for increased priority for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, and managed and reduced private vehicle transport. We are in favour of a congestion tax for the CBD.




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