January 21, 2019

Building a movement for a healthier Melbourne.

Come join our team! We are looking for diverse, creative and passionate young people who want to create a better Melbourne.

Check out the position descriptions below and get in contact with us for further application instructions. 

Communications Lead

Hours – 4-5 hours a week

The Communications Lead heads up Action for Health’s external communications. The Lead shapes our messaging and ensures we are consistent in our different platforms of communication. The Lead should be particular in how we present ourselves but also competent at managing a team – as Lead it is essential they have help in achieving their goals.

Reports to: COO


The communications lead is responsible for

-    Overseeing the language of Action for Health, understanding our vision and mission and translating this into how we are projected across our communications

-    Ensuring constant and consistent content is produced through our external channels, encompassing everything from social media to our traditional and printed media

-    Oversight of any team members working underneath them, and ensuring they stay on track towards achieving their goals.

-    Overall, achieving their section of the strategic plan

This looks like:

-    The Communications Lead ensures we have an up to date document encompassing our communication language and priorities, able to assist others with producing copy.

-    The Communications Lead is a natural point of contact for those producing significant pieces of information in the organisation more junior to them, and is responsible for looking over these and providing language and tone suggestions in a timely fashion.

-    The Communications Lead is overall responsible for the output of social media across the organisation, with particular strategic focus on Facebook and Twitter.

-    The Communications Lead works with Programs teams where necessary to ensure we are sending the right messaging with our campaigns. They work as a team with the political messaging of Programs to ensure we have a distinct, youth and health-focussed voice in our external interactions.

-    Team management

Ø  Regular interaction with any individuals sitting beneath the communications lead, to ensure they are on track with achieving their goals.

Ø  Being familiar with the goals of those sitting underneath them and adjusting them as appropriate.

Ø  Communicating with executive team members when there are difficulties achieving goals either with themselves or with their team, so as to adequately adjust responsibilities.

Ø  Nominating when more members of their team are required to adequately achieve their goals of the Communications portfolio.


Programs Lead

Hours – 4-5 hours a week

The Programs Lead heads up Action for Health’s diverse activities, from running campaigns to conducting research, this position demands a high level of creative and project management expertise but allows for great flexibility in individual style of execution.

This position shapes all of our projects, ensuring that they are in-line with our broader mission and long term strategy, as well as implemented at a high standard. This position will require regular interaction with our Communications/Design team to ensure consistent messaging as well as be competent at managing a team.

Note: If multiple projects are being run at the same time, position can delegate/lead specific projects depending on capacity. Additional recruitment for capacity support on specific aspects (e.g. Research, Logistics etc.) can be considered in consultation with Executive

Reports to: CEO


The Programs Lead is responsible for:

-    Assisting Executive in sourcing and brainstorming novel initiatives that are in line with overall mission and strategy of Action for Health

-    Ensuring that projects are implemented on budget, on time and to a high standard

-    Oversight of any team members working underneath them, and ensuring they stay on track towards achieving their goals.

-    Liaising with members of the entire organisation to ensure you are achieving your section of the Strategic Plan


This looks like:

-    Management of all aspects of implementing our various initiatives and ensuring a high level of execution in areas including:


Logistics: Ensuring elements are being executed appropriately, project timellines, sourcing materials

Budget: Sourcing necessary materials as appropriate, purchasing

Research: Robust research to ensure projects/messaging is factual

Community Engagement: ensuring wider community mobilisation with project, stakeholder management


- Regular communication to update and collaborate with Communications to ensure the project is properly promoted in line with our broader organisational narrative

-    Be the point of call organisationally for details regarding the project especially for any other team members, providing clarification as needed in a timely manner


-    Team management

Ø  Being familiar with the goals of their team and adjusting them as appropriate.

Ø  Communicating with executive team members when there are difficulties achieving goals either with themselves or with their team, so as to adjust responsibilities.

Ø  Regular communication with team members to ensure goals are being met and to raise potential stress points


Video Editor/Videographer

Project timeframe - 2.5 months (until mid Feb/end of March 2019)


Action for Health are looking for a creative individual with strong videography and editing experience to join short-term to execute one of our projects. We are launching an advocacy documentary series in collaboration with an organisation in Thailand. In both Melbourne and Bangkok we are going to create two pop-up projects (think pop-up garden, redesigning street signs etc.) that illustrate a broader urban issue in each city.


We are seeking to produce two short (3-5 minute) documentaries that follow the journey of the implementation and impact of these projects - you will be working closely with the Communication Lead and Designers that volunteer with our organisation. As we are a youth-run not-for-profit, we have a limited budget (and as such compensation will be limited) however you will be the key contributor to an innovative project that will make these cities just a little bit better.


If you are interested or want more details (including a more detailed Design Brief), please get in touch at team@actionforhealth.org.au