As the Victorian Election approaches on November 24, we’re sussing out which political candidates are likely to use a term in parliament to benefit health. We believe in investing in public and active transport rather than new major roadways. We want to see an increase in public housing stock and safer conditions for people living in rental properties, as well as methods to increase housing affordability. We’re advocating for a reduction in junk food and alcohol advertising, particularly in areas close to kids and sporting areas. These are all simple social and urban policy actions that could dramatically improve the health of our state.

We’ve invited candidates in Richmond, Brunswick and Albert park to tell us how a vote for them is a vote for health. The seats we’ve surveyed are not only key battlegrounds, but also involve key players. Richmond is the seat of Planning Minister, Richard Wynne. Albert Park is the seat of Minister for Housing, Martin Foley. And Brunswick is up for grabs with the current member retiring, as well as being the seat of our #ParkOff campaign.

Where we haven’t found information from the politicians themselves, we’ve supplemented it with information from their previous statements or their website. In order to get information out to our community in a timely manner, we have limited our scorecards to those candidates who had nominated before October 29. Candidates who have registered with the VEC later than this date have been invited to respond to our questions.




The electorate of Brunswick includes the suburbs of BrunswickBrunswick East, and Brunswick West, and parts of CoburgFitzroy NorthParkville and Pascoe Vale South.

Catherine Deveny - Reason Party | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
Writer, comedian, public speaker and author with prolific liberal and feminist commentary on contemporary social issues.

Cindy O’Connor - ALP | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
Trade unionist in occupational health and safety with a strong interest in wellbeing and workers' rights.

Tim Read - The Greens | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
A sexual health doctor and researcher with a history of supporting sustainable transport and integrity in politics.



The electorate of Richmond includes the suburbs of Richmond, Cremorne, Burnley, Abbotsford, Collingwood, Clifton Hill, North Fitzroy and Fitzroy.

Kathleen Maltzahn - The Greens | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
A lecturer in social policy with a long history of local and international experience in campaigning for social justice, with particular focus on sex workers and womens' health.

Judy Ryan - Reason Party | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
A major force in the push for a medically supervised injecting centre in Richmond.

Richard Wynne - ALP | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
The current Minister for Planning and a long-term representative of Richmond with a background in social work and a history of supporting inclusive urban policy.

Craig Kealy - Animal Justice Party | Party website
A Richmond local, working in higher education with a passion for animal welfare.



The electorate of Albert Park includes the suburbs of Albert ParkMiddle ParkPort MelbourneSt Kilda WestSouthbankSouth MelbourneSouth Wharf, and parts of St Kilda.

Andrew Bond - Liberal | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
A councillor and former businessman who has worked for national and multinational companies as well as more local entrepreneurial endeavours.

Jarryd Bartle - Reason Party | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
A criminal lawyer and lecturer, who consults on issues surrounding sex, drugs and crime with a keen interest in evidence-based harm reduction.

Martin Foley - ALP | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
The current Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Creative Industries, Equality and Mental Health with a long track record of campaigning for inclusive communities.

Ogy Simic - The Greens | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
A refugee, lawyer and a long-standing social justice campaigner with a strong focus on human rights.

Tamasin Ramsay - Animal Justice Party | Party website | Twitter | Facebook
Former paramedic and a medical anthropologist, who has worked extensively in the NGO sector at home and abroad.